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Lost your registration key? We are here to help

If you lost your registration codes for the products you purchased, don't panic, help is only a ticket away. P lease open a registration codes support ticket. Open a support -registration codes ticket to get a copy of your registration codes. You will always be able to get a copy of your registration codes if you purchase your product from Dynamic Software. For other enquiries, please see: Support enquiries.

  • Remember the following:
  • The ticket system will allow you open a support -registration ticket.
  • Please provide your name, email address and if you are a registered user any information that you can remember that you included on your original order form to help us find your codes.
  • Please note to be able to submit a "support -registration codes" ticket you must have cookies enabled on your web browser and you must enter the captcha sequence of characters where indicated. If you cannot see the captcha characters, please check you setting on your web browser.

Opening a Support -Registration Codes Ticket

    • Go to http://support.dynamicsoftware.com/ This is the Support Center for Dynamic Software
    • Once there you may register for support -Registration Codes by clicking on the Register or you may skip this step and just open a ticket by clicking on the Submit a Ticket link. The advantage of first registering is that you may be able to select your password for viewing you ticket status instead of receiving a computer generated password. You will need to remember this password to check on the status of your ticket.
    • When you click on the Submit a Ticket link you will need to select the type of ticket you want to open. For a sales support ticket, please select the proper department: Support -Registration Codes and click the next button.
    • On the next screen enter your name and the email address you want us to contact you at. If the name and the email address is not the same used when ordering or downloading, please enter that information in the "message details" area.
    • Select the "Priority" of the ticket (i.e.: how important is this is to you).
    • Enter the description of the problem, in the message details area.
    • Verify you are a real person entering this information by entering the captcha sequence of characters displayed in the box provided to the left.
    • Click on the submit button, and your request will be submitted to our "support -registration codes" team for processing.
    • Your done!

      Viewing the status of a Support -Registration Codes Ticket

    • Go to http://support.dynamicsoftware.com/ This is the Support Center for Dynamic Software
    • Login using your email address and the password that was either assigned to you or you entered when you registered.
    • Once you login, you will see a view tickets graphic link. Click on view tickets once you are logged in to see all of your tickets. If you attempt to view your tickets before you are logged in you will receive an error message.
    • You will also be able to respond to your tickets. If you see your ticket status as being On Hold it means that we are waiting for response from you. If you do not respond within 3 days your ticket status turns to Closed. If your problem is still not resolved, posting a reply to your Closed or On Hold ticket will re-Open the sales ticket automatically. Please do not open a second Support -Registration Codes ticket for the same problem.
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