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Google SiteLinks & Page Rank

by Al Costanzo - Dynamic Software

SiteLinks are something that Google over one year ago. They have been designed to allow a person who is doing a keyword search query on Google to find the information faster than if they were not displayed.

If you have never seen an example, let's have a look. If you go to Google and search for, Dynamic Software in the query box, you should see something like this appear:

Dynamic Software SiteLinks on Google

The site links are those under the primary listing. In this example SEO Suite 8, Mail Communicator, Free Download, Bid Maximizer, Lost Registration Codes, Security Policy, Price List and Purchase Software are the SiteLinks.

Google automatically calculates the site links based on web traffic. Google states:

"Our process for generating Sitelinks is completely automated. We show them when we think they'll be most useful to searchers, saving them time from hunting through web pages to find the information they are looking for. Over time, we may look for ways to incorporate input from webmasters too."

Page Rank

Based on this statement one may summize that Google in fact know the pages traveled most on your website and making up to the eight most traveled links available in their search results.

Now if your wondering why your own site is not displaying sitelinks, remember, that:

A: only the first returned result for a query will return site links

B: There has to be enough traffic and navigation structure on your site to warrant Google displaying them.

The method Google uses to automatically create SiteLinks poses an interesting issue in regard to PageRank. If Google is able to calculate intra-site traffic, is it possible that Google is using a similar algorithm to discount PageRank from site that have no traffic? For example, if Google altered its PageRank algorithm so that PageRank was only passed if a link was click on (thereby passing traffic) during the page rank update period this would improve the actual page rank system and possible hinder those who try to manipulate page rank by posting thousands of links to a site from sites with no real traffic.

No comment from Google but it seems possible that the last PR update has be altered to use this new formula as described.

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