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In this Newsletter: Breadcrumbs: a user friendly application for your website

Breadcrumbs: a user friendly application for your website

The website’s usability depends hugely on the people visiting it. So when you analyze the usability of your site, you need to first see the passage through which the website traffic arrives. A website attracts people not just through its home page. People arrive on the site through any of its main or secondary pages. What matters most is that they find their way around and find the site user friendly.

Huge websites use what is called Breadcrumbs to help the users to identify their location. Some of the essential features of Breadcrumbs are listed below.

Different Types of Breadcrumbs

Generally there are three types of Breadcrumbs: Location –based Breadcrumbs: the user is informed about the location of the current page in lieu with the whole website structure.


Path – based Breadcrumbs: the user path, which brought him to the current page is visually displayed and it is based on search results. This is a dynamic Breadcrumb as the same page can be accessed through various paths.

Text Box: Consulting > Services > Implementation > Service A  Consulting > Services > Optimization > Service A  Consulting > Services > Upgrade > Service A

Attribute – based Breadcrumbs:

Generally Breadcrumbs are identified or used as alternate method to stuff keywords and targeted anchor texts in the site. The result might end up with something like (shown below):

Breadcrumbs and Google

Google is integrating Breadcrumbs navigation within SERPs starting this November. This might make your listing more trustworthy and attractive.


You might not expect to be identified by Breadcrumbs navigation and it is not the same with every case. There is a mystery behind the usage of algorithm but I feel that placing the Breadcrumb trail close to the source code at the top of page might be very helpful. This is my personal view as I have seen few cases in which the breadcrumbs placed this way were identified by Google.

Best Breadcrumbs Practices

  • USE Breadcrumbs only when you feel it might help the user. It is most useful for large and multi-level sites. As this is a user focused application SEO might also help but don’t just use it for anchor text alone.
  • Never link the current page to itself as the final Breadcrumbs must not be linked
  • Breadcrumbs should never replace main navigation as the structure of the website is visualized vertically as it shows other content and categories. Whereas the main navigation will display the page horizontally
  • Consistent usage of Breadcrumbs with give the user a feel good factor and to he feels safe and identifies easily with the website is structured
  • Avoid using Breadcrumbs in the page title tag as it might make the title long and untargeted


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