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Top 3 PPC Pitfalls and Counter-Measures

PPC campaigns can be quite rewarding, but managing them isn’t a cakewalk anymore, especially as the major PPC engines are undergoing constant changes every other day. Over time, advertisers have been facing issues as their PPC campaigns have been hugely underperforming. So, here are some of the common PPC pitfalls and their remedies.

Pitfall # 1: Weak Account Setup

Running a single campaign with an ad group is never a smart idea. If you’re going to make changes to the campaign it is going to affect your account as a whole.

Remedy: Therefore, you should consider running several campaigns with separate objectives. After closer observations, you can try out different things with each campaign and try to optimize them separately to achieve superior results. In this case, even if one campaign underperforms, the performance of your entire account is not affected negatively.

Pitfall # 2: Using Default Settings

Are you still using the good old default settings? Sure thing, the default settings are set for maximizing profits - but for the search engine, not the advertiser!

Remedy: So, get rid of these default settings! You can find default settings under “setting” tab in Google, and “campaign” tab in Yahoo! and so on. You may consider leaving the Content Network, and changing the ad delivery. Changing the settings to "Rotate” option, is advisable. Thereafter, you can monitor the impressions, CTR, clicks and other parameters to optimize your campaign.

Note: Be careful when you opt out of Content Network, because your traffic is also going to decrease considerably.

Pitfall # 3: Driving all Your Traffic to Home Page

So, you think sending all your visitors to your home page is going to help boost your earnings? Well, think again! Remember, the visitors came to your site searching for something on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or some other search engine – so do you think they are going to enjoy if you ask them to search further; not really!

Remedy: set up different campaigns and link them to the most relevant page of your website, rather than the home page. This will in turn ensure that if a visitor clicks on your “MS office 2007” ad, he/she doesn’t see the home page of your site, but rather the targeted page that contains info about “MS office 2007” only!

The Bottom-Line

Have you been making these mistakes? Well, it is never too late to fix them. You should login to your Google/Yahoo/MSN account and look for the Ad managers like Adwords Editor/adCenter Desktop. Now, you’re ready to change the destination URLs, and optimizing the settings. Don’t forget to create multiple campaigns rather than relying one a single one, and it is time for you to get rid of the default settings!

Having done all this, you should monitor the improvements, and make further changes, if required. The chances are high that you’re going to observe a smoother and improved PPC performance within a few days time.

For those interested in a turnkey solution, have a look at PPC SaaS ™, Dynamic Software's web based pay per click bid management tool. which is able to automate your PPC campaigns and maximize your ROI.


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