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 Issue: November 03, 2009 Newsfeed Edition

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In this Newsletter: Google Changes Indexing Strategy: Now RSS Feeds are going to be important than ever before!

Google Changes Indexing Strategy: Now RSS Feeds are going to be important than ever before!

Of course, RSS Feeds were extremely important to drive more traffic to your website, but now with Google’s new feature they’re going to be even more crucial to the online business owners, and website owners.

Henceforth, Google is going to use a service that’ll extract data from RSS/ATOM feeds and index new web pages, faster than their earlier methodologies. This simply means you’ll have to be really careful to ensure that your robots.txt file permits Googlebot to crawl your website RSS feeds, otherwise Google is not going to index the new web pages anymore.

In another strategic change, Google has launched the “AdSense for Feeds” feature to all the blogger users. This is happy news for all the small blog owners because many of the internet users are content with reading updates through feeds without visiting their blog. As such, the conversions used to be low for blogs, but since “AdSense for Feeds” has also been made available, now the blogger users can display ads even on their feeds, and generate revenues out of the clicks on these feeds entries.

For those who’re not too familiar with Blogger, it happens to be a blogging platform Google acquired Blogger in 2003, and Twitter last year.

Note: If you’re not sure how to make use of “AdSense for Feeds” feature, you should look for "Monetize" tab in your Blogger Dashboard and then integrate this feature.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to update your robots.txt file, and integrate the “AdSense for Feeds” feature in your Blogger account and start generating more revenues from your websites and blogs. At the same time, loading your site with fresh content is something that doesn’t need to be repeated by newbies need to understand – plagiarism is taboo, Googlebot will never index you site pages that contain duplicate content copied from other sites!


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