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 Issue: October 29, 2009 Newsfeed Edition

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In this Newsletter: Happy 40th Birthday Internet

Happy 40th Birthday Internet

Forty years ago, two computer sent the first message to each other over the Arpanet (what evolved into the Internet) today making today (October 29th 2009) the 40th birthday of the Internet. 

Yes, if you are wondering the word "Internet", should always be capitalized. 

Reflect for a moment: Where would we be today without the Internet?

Just how far has the Internet advanced since its first Birthday? Have a look at the photo below. Leonard Kleinrock, stands next to the IMP 1 (Internet Message Processor), the first node (router) of the Internet. You will notice that what could fit in your shirt pocket today. was larger than a refrigerator. IMP1 is taller than Leonard Kleinrock.



The First node of the Internet 'IMP1' and Leonard Kleinrock

Al Costanzo - Dynamic Software


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