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 Issue: October 07, 2009 Newsfeed Edition

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In this Newsletter: YouTube Promoted Videos in AdSense Ads

YouTube Promoted Videos in AdSense Ads

According to Inside AdSense blog, Google AdSense will now be serving YouTube Promoted Videos. These YouTube videos will appear in various regular AdSense ad formats and are different from the regular YouTube videos ads which streams ads as videos and are considered as image ads.

Promoted Videos are YouTube videos -- from movie trailers to product demos to really almost any kind of video on YouTube -- promoted by their creators so they can reach a wider audience

Promoted Videos are contextually targeted to the Publisher's pages,and Publishers will earn from these ads on a cost-per click(CPC) basis.These videos will appear as a thumbnail image with three lines of text that when clicked by user will bring them to YouTube to watch a video or view a YouTube channel.Promoted Videos can appear as your regular AdSense units such as - 300×250 Medium Rectangle, 336×280 Large Rectangle, 728×90 Leaderboard, 250×250 Square, and 200×200 Small Square.

Promoted Videos will compete in Google Adsense's standard ad auction and advertisers will bid to win the ad auction for their Promoted Videos to appear on your page.Publishers can prevent these videos from appearing on their pages by adding 'youtube.com' to their Adsense account's Competitive Ad Filter list.

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