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Frequently Asked Questions - What are Software Keys?

Q: What are Software Keys?

Software keys are the key that is issued to you when you purchase a product. This key unlocks the product and allows you to use the functions you purchased.

Dynamic Software Products use a Registration Key. We issue you this key when you purchase the software product. Our products are licensed for use on a single computer. Once you install the software and use the key we sent you, it cannot be re-used on a different computer. (If you lose your key or your hard drive crashes we will re-issue you your a key free of charge) To try to aid our clients get the best possible value for the purchase as well as protecting ourselves from software piracy, we offer types of keys that may be purchased to allow the software to be used on multiple machines.

Q: What are the type of keys that are offered? I only purchase the product, I dont understand.


There are three types of keys available.

Primary Key: This is the key most people know of. When you purchase a product we issue you a key so that you may use the program on your computer. Because it is the first key it is called a Primary Key. It allows you to use the program at anytime you wish whenever you want to.

Secondary Key: If you want to use the same program you purchased from us on a second or third, fourth computer, you may purchased Secondary keys. You may think of this key as basically a quantity discount. It allows you to use the program on as many computers you want at anytime you want. And since you already own a key. You may recieve these keys at a discount. This discount starts at 20% off.

To order a Secondary key please go to Dynamic Software Order Form located at: https://www.dynamicsoftware.com/orderform.php to receive the discount price, on the check out page there is a box for special instructions. In this box enter the code: 2NDKEY Before the order is processed, we will verify that you already own the product and if so we will charge you credit card the discounted price. Please note that you cannot adjust the price on the order form yourself. It will be adjusted by the sales department before being processed.

Backup Key: This is the most popular but most misunderstood key. This key is normally only ten to twenty percent of the original purchase price of the Primary key. This lets you use the program on a second computer. You must own a Primary or a Secondary key for each Backup key you would like. This means if you own one copy of the product you cannot order three backup keys. You would only be able to order one. If you owned one Primary key and one Secondary key, you would be able to order two backup keys.

Backup keys are sold at a very discounted price, as such, they function only when the program is not in use by the Primary key or the Secondary key. In other words, this key allows you to use the program on a different computer but not at the same time.

Backup keys are not available some of the programs we sell. If you do not see the program listed on the Backup Key Order form located at: https://www.dynamicsoftware.com/orderbackupkey.php it means it is not offered for that product.

To order a backup key please use the: Backup Key Order form




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