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Frequently Asked Questions - Safe to Download?

Q: Is it safe to download Dynamic Software products I see a warning message about downloading exe files?

Yes. It is safe to download any products from the Dynmaicsoftware website.

Microsoft Internet Explorer displays a warning message about downloading exe files from the Internet because exe files may be executed by your computer after they are downloaded. Unfortuantely Microsoft displays the message for all exe files.

All of our software programs are safe and secure. After we create the exe file we digitally sign the exe file to protect it and you from any tampering. When you click on one of our download links, if you select "Open" or "Run from its existing location" you will see the digital certificate. Showing you that we are the author of the product.

All of the products that you may download from www.dynamicsoftware.com sites are all located in the United States and are all digitally signed by Thawte USA, (a Verisgn company).

We assure you that all of our products are tested and then digitally signed. They are all safe and secure. from any website of our websites: ftp.dynamicsoftware.com www.dynamicsoftware.com and download.dynamicsoftware.com.

Our product sites, such as: www.dynamicsubmission.com, www.bidmaximizer.com, www.dynamicwebranking.com, etc. all download from the 3 dynamicsoftware locations listed above. As long as you are downloading from one of these sites. The software is digitally signed.

Please note that if you FTP the software from our anonymous FTP site or download the software without opening it you will not see the digital certificate. Please do not be alarmed, it is still safe to download. Some programs just do not display the digital certificate. Internet Explore always displays the digital certificate when you click on the link and select "open" or "run".

Here is an example:

Lets say you click on the link http://ftp.dynamicsoftware.com/ds70.exe to download Dynamic Submission version 7.

You would first see:

File Download

If you click on "Save" you will not be able to see the digital signature.

Be sure to click on the button Labelled "Run". and you will see:

Security Warning

You will note that box displays the Name of the Software Product "Dynamic Software" and the publisher's name "Dynamic Software". Seeing this box certifies the software was created by us and it is safe to download. You would click on "Run" in this example since this executable file is going to install the product on your computer.(This box that you see is the digital signature certifying it is safe to download).



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