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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Mail Communicator™

Solutions to common issues in using Dynamic Mail Communicator™ a Bulk Email Marketing and Mailing List Management Software

Email Formatting
»Does Dynamic Mail Communicator Support HTML emails?
»Can I insert a picture in the messages?
»What do I do when sending out HTML messages using Mail Communicator, the images do not get properly displayed on recipientís computer?

»What is the price if I want to buy a second license?
»Does Dynamic MailCommunicator supports Exchange Server POP3?
»Does MailCommunicator supports Email tracking feature?

Mailing List
»How do I create a mailing list?
»How can I move to next column when I enter a mailing list manually?
»What are the file formats that Mail Communicator supports for importing mailing list?

Receiving Email
»How do I get the bounced back email from my email account?

Sending Email
»What happen if I send HTML message using Mail Communicator to someone that can only read text message?
»What happen if I lost my internet connection and interrupted the emailing process?
»How do I send email in scheduler mode?
»Can I send attachment with Dynamic Mail Communicator?
»Is it possible to instruct the program to throttle the sending of email like 1 email in every 2 seconds? Iím worried about getting into trouble with ISP if they all go out at one time.
»Is it possible to send the emails directly from my database mailing list(such as Access, SQL server) since my mailing list are not in Text or CSV format?
»Is it possible to send the emails without using my ISP mail server from Mail Communicator, since my ISP has outgoing email restriction?
»I can not send more than 5 emails, why Mail communicator only sending 5 emails at a time?

 Assisted Support

Get help from our support professional. Support options for Dynamic Software™ could include phone or e-mail assistance.

» Technical Support
Our Technical staff is available to assist our valuable customers with any type of technical problem. We train our staff to guide each customer through their individual problem, until it is resolved.

» Sales Inquiry
Please let us know of should you have any question regarding Sales.

» Registration Problem
For any registration problems, or requests for a new registration code.

» Lost your Registration Key?
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