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Frequently Asked Questions - Dynamic Bid Maximizer™

Solutions to common issues in using Dynamic Bid Maximizer™ The Ultimate PPC Pay Per Click Bid Management Software. Manage your keyword bidding for Google Adwords, Overture and ALL major PPC Pay Per Click search engines including Google Adwords and Overture, maintaining your position at the lowest cost possible by fixing the bid GAPs.

»What happen if I can’t log into the engines using the autobid function?
»Can you set the maximum amount for the bidding so I don’t over bid too much?
»My Autobid is not adjusting bids correctly?
»How to set up Dynamic Bid Maximizer to run in scheduler mode?
»A detailed explanation on the interface for the Dynamic Bid Maximizer.
»Understand how BidMaximizer works?
»Does BidMaximizer support ROI(ROAS or CPS) bidding facility?
»Is BidMaximizer “ROI Builder” feature compatible with any 3rd party Site Analysis tools?
»How to create tracking strings for my URL using BidMaximizer “ROI Builder” with Dynamic SiteStats?
»In the "Cost" and "NewBid" column I see bids in Blue and Red color, what does this mean?

»I change my tracking URL in Google Adwords, however, the Dynamic Bid Maximizer wipes out all the changes and re-set them to default URL when I run AutoBid. Is there a way to not have it alter the URL?
»Why my position is not showing up on Google Adwords or why the ’Current Position’ is blank when I’m doing a look up in Dynamic Bid Maximizer™?
»How does Dynamic Bid Maximizer™ control my position on Google Adwords?
»How do I make my ads appear more often?
»What happen if my Destination URL is different to my Display URL?
»What is Google Adwords API?
»Why can't I see the "Competitor Listing" information on the bottom section of the BidMaximizer screen?
»Understand how BidMaximizer works with Google Adwords
»When I search on Google, my ad is showing up, but when I perform a Keyword Look Up in BidMaximizer, my ad is not showing in the "Competitor Panel", why?
»How quick can BidMaximizer achieve my Target Position?
»My Target Position is #1, I run BidMaximizer once, but it does not change my position to #1, why? (I just start to use BidMaximizer for my Google Adwords and I want to be #1 position. I run the AutoBid, but my ad still stay on #5, why?)
»Most of my keywords have a #1 position before using BidMaximizer, after use BidMaximizer, some positions have dropped, why?
»How can BidMaximizer save money for me for Google Adwords?
»Is BidMaximizer able to import “Adgroups” into my Google Adwords account? (Or can I create new AdGroups with BidMaximizer?)

Manage Keywords
»How to generate relevant keywords from search engines?
»How do I set individual property for each keyword?
»How does the keyword limit apply in each version of the Bid Maximizer?

»Dynamic Bid Maximizer™ is running AutoBid every hour, but all the bids that are colored in blue are not being updated, why?
»Why is the position on Dynamic Bid Maximizer™ is different to Overture web site?
»What is Overture Auto Bidding?
»What is the difference between the Overture Bid Types: Auto Bid and Fixed Bid?
»What is Overture "Max Bid"?
»Can Advertisers see their competitor's Overture Max Bid?
»What happens if several advertisers in the marketplace submit the same bid amounts for the same search terms?
»Can advertisers bid by position?
»What role does Overture™ Bid Management Licensees playing under Auto Bidding?
»Understanding Overture Bidding Algorithms

PPC Engines
»What PPC engines does Bid Maximizer support?
»Are there any plan to expand the number of engines currently supported by Dynamic Bid Maximizer?
»Is Dynamic Bid Maximizer Overture approved?

»How do I customize the keyword report with my company detail?
»How many report types does Dynamic Bid Maximizer have?

»How to set up Dynamic Bid Maximizer?
»Will firewall or anti-virus software affect the running of Bid Maximizer?

»Does PPC BidMax 4.0 support Yahoo’s name Panama system?
» After upgrading my Yahoo account to the new Panama platform, what is changed in Bid Maximizer v4.0 and how will i get effected?
»What information is given in "Forecast data" and what is it used for in Bid Maximizer ?
»Information about Yahoo / Overture upgrades to Yahoo Panama platform and the effects on Bid Maximizer software
» BidMax 4.0 does not seem to update my bids to the positions I choose, why?
» How does the "Bidding Algorithm" works for Yahoo Panama Platform in Bid Max?
»Bid Amount and Ad Quality will Determine an Ad’s Rank in Search Results Beginning February 5 2007 in the U.S.

 Assisted Support

Get help from our support professional. Support options for Dynamic Software™ could include phone or e-mail assistance.

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Our Technical staff is available to assist our valuable customers with any type of technical problem. We train our staff to guide each customer through their individual problem, until it is resolved.

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