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Determine if a link ( URL ) is valid or not...
Essential tool to validate links

Dynamic Link Check - Check the popularity of your inbound links

Dynamic Link ValidatorTM determines the (verifies) status of a link. If it is valid or not. If a link is not valid or the link will result in an error code such as 404, Dynamic Link Validator will return a result of not being valid. If the link will properly display an html page the result will be valid.

Unlike other Link Validation programs that charge depending on the number of links that you want to verify, Dynamic Link ValidatorTMallows you to check an unlimited number of links for one low price.

Links may be stored into projects and saved. Projects may be validated individually or at the same time.

The results are stored in a reports directory and may also be exported. If you run Dynamic Link ValidatorTM on the same project you are able to compare the results from the previous results, enabling you to see when a link went "bad".

Dynamic Link ValidatorTM is a must have tool for:

  • Webmaster who want to make sure all their internal links are valid on thier website.
  • SEO Professional's who want to assure external links are all valid.
  • Contractor and professional who bid on specific contract based on a URL.

The best there is no limit to the number of URLs or domains that you are able to keep track of with Dynamic Link ValidatorTM because the number of domains is unlimited and the number of URLs is unlimited.

You can all this for one low price.


Dynamic Link Validator Features All New Version 3.0 Version 1 (Alpha)
  • Check an unlimited number of links in a domain
  • Check an unlimted number of domains.
  • Mix domains and links as you desire in projects
  • The ability to run link checks on domains

Dynamic Link Validator
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Dynamic Link Validator
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Individual users, Webmaster, SEO Companies, Contractors, etc.
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Dynamic Link Check is a website Link Popularity Checker Solutions that allows you
Count your inbound links and Google Page Rank of inbound links and domains, show the number of total outbound links on your inbound link page and so much more. Now you can manage your inbound links in moments with Dynamic Link Validator

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