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Bid Maximizer 5
The Desktop Online Advertising (PPC) Campaign management solution for the agency and the advertiser has been replaced by PPC SaaS in our product lineup.


Bid Maximizer - Desktop PPC application.

With the release of version 5 of Bid Maximizer, Dynamic Software ™ Corporation received complaints from customers and we ourselfs saw a number of issues with the application and reported them to the the original developer. The issues were not addressed.

Because our customers are our number one priority we released a replacement product called PPC SaaS ™. The release of this product by Dynamic Software strained the relationship between us and the original developer to the point that Dynamic Software ™ no longer distribute any of their products.

It was Dynamic Software's contention that the product base needed to be upgraded and it was not being done to our satisfaction. We intend to re-release all of our product line. The first product was PPC SaaS ™. We renamed the product to avoid any misconception that the new product had any of the shortcomings of Bid Maximizer.

PPC SaaS ™ resolved all of the outstanding issues, as well as other complaints that we have received by many customers.

Bid Maximizer most reported issues (listed below) that were resolved with the release of PPC SaaS

  • Had to stay logged in: Customers did not want to keep their computer on 24 hours a day 7 days a week and logged in, You had to do this with Bid Maximizer.

    With PPC SaaS ™, you just login to the PPC SaaS ™ web portal setup your bidding criteria and other you may want to manage and you are done.

  • Did not bid to correct position or range: The results were not correct because the application was not taken into account global positioning but rather the position based on the PC the application was running on. The results appear correct on the PC running Bid Maximizer but look at a different computer and the result at sometimes were not the same.

  • Bid Maximizer was not written as a service for Windows XP: so not only do you have to keep PC on, connected to the Internet an logged in, but you also have to leave Bid Maximizer running as a background task.

  • Bid Maximizer required you to have a Google API token: This was a difficult to acquire for many customers because they had to deal directly with Google. PPC SaaS does not require you to have a Google API token but if you do, we will give you a discount!

Dynamic Software Corporation released PPC SaaS ™ in July of 2008 and stopped selling and supporting Bid Maximizer, November 15, 2008

The above know issues in Bid Maximizer are accurate to the last day of support.

The knowbase remains for historic purposes [ Bid Maximizer Knowledgebase ]


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Dynamic Bid Maximizer is a Pay Per Click PPC Management Software Solution which includes:
Pay Per Click Management, PPC Management, Pay Per Click Bid Management, PPC Bid Management, Pay Per Click Bid Optimization, PPC Optimization, supports following engines: Google Adwords(US), Google Adwords(UK), Google Adwords(AU), Google Adwords(CN), Google Adwords(DE), Google Adwords(ES), Google Adwords(FR), Google Adwords(UK), etc. also Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing) engines: Overture(US), Overture(DE), Overture(FR), Overture(IT), Overture(JP), Overture(KR), Overture(UK), and other Yahoo Search Marketing engines.

This Pay Per Click (PPC) Bid Management Solution Software comprises of 2 version Dynamic Bid Maximizer Advance that manage bidding for Google Adwords, and other PPC Pay Per Click Search Engine and Bid Maximizer Overture which support Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing) engines.

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